1996 PhD at The University of Warwick (Great Britain)
1996 Master of Arts at the University of Bremen (Germany)
1993 Master of Arts at Boston University (USA)
1990 Bachelor of Arts at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany)
1987 Certified Engineer TAFE (tech. College) & FAGRO Ltd. (Germany)


1993 to 1996

PhD in Business & Industrial Studies (GB)

PhD thesis in Business & Industrial Studies at the University of Warwick in the field of comparative industrial relations (Great Britain and Germany), human resource management (management of change) and organisational studies (teamwork). PhD’s title: Teamwork and the Structure of Representation at Vauxhall Motors Ltd. (GB) and Adam Opel AG (Germany) with Professor Richard Hyman (Warwick & LSE) as supervisor and Professor John Purcell (Bath University) as external examiner.


1990 to 1993

Master of Arts (Germany) in Political Science and Industrial Relations

I attended Bremen University to study industry studies, business and labour law and completed a German master degree. Master thesis published as book: The Cohesion Fund and Financial Federalism in the European Union (ISBN 3-89473-752-2).


1989 to 1990

Master of Arts (USA) in Comparative Political Science

Attended Boston University to study comparative political science (Japan, Europe and USA). Course work and thesis on comparative analysis of political, economical and legal systems. Master of Arts in Political Science, May 20th 1990 (result: 3.85 out of 4).


1987 to 1989

Attended Bremen University (Germany)

I attended Bremen University to study business, management, employment relations, European studies and law. This degree included an internship at the Union of Automobile Workers’ Research Department in Detroit (USA), Black Lake Education Centre and Chrysler’s Kenosha’s plant (USA) between August 1988 and January 1989.


1985 to 1987

Bachelor of Arts (Germany)

Undergraduate degree in business/labour law and industrial studies. Studied Employment Relations at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Diploma (equivalent to Bachelor of Arts) in industrial studies, business & labour law including organisational psychology and economics.



Mechanical Engineering Certificate (Germany)

Three years apprenticeship at Gross-Gerau technical college & engineering firm “FAGRO – Ltd.”; achieving an engineering certificate.



Schooling in Erfelden and Goddelau (Germany)

I started school at  Erfelden Public Primary  later continuing at Goodelau Public High-School, now Riedstadt. The regional city of Riedstadt is situated south of Frankfurt, north of Heidelberg and west of castle Frankenstein. To the north-east one finds the river Rhine and Johannes Gutenberg‘s birthplace of Mainz.